Our Local Grand Rapids Moving Services and Benefits

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  • We listen to your needs & create a Local Grand Rapids Moving plan just for you
  •  Our professional local moving staff is the best in the business
  •  We offer door-to-door packing and unpacking services
  •  We offer the most affordable local moving prices
  •  Schedule your local move in less than 1 minute with our easy online booking tool
  •  Courteous customer service and excellent communication
  •  Conveniently track your move on your smartphone
  •  You can customize your move
  •  Our customers have the freedom to choose how much they want us to help.

The benefits of hiring local Grand Rapids moving company

Always near you

Local moving professionals are always near you. Apart from contacting them via phone or the Internet. This is the best way to see with your own eyes how they work and make sure the movers are reliable. You don't have the same opportunity when hiring movers from another state.

Your neighbors know them

When looking for local movers In Grand Rapids MI , you can ask around for recommendations. Your friends and neighbors probably know some good local movers in Grand Rapids Michigan. Again, you usually can't do the same with movers who are not based in West Michigan. So, feel free to ask around. We are proud to have served thousands of satisfied neighbors.

Availability is a major perk

Local moving companies are usually easier to book on a short notice. Urgent relocation is often impossible with huge, overbooked companies. Furthermore, locals can move you faster thanks to the shorter distance and be more flexible with time.

Packing experts

Packing for a local Grand Rapids move is not as simple as it seems. People are often unaware of the amount of time and effort that should be invested in packing. The fact that the new address is close does not mean you can simply throw everything in a truck at the last minute and you are ready to go. Your belongings still need to be packed and transported with patience and care, using suitable packing materials.

What makes us top residential movers in Grand Rapids Mi?

  •  We are professional moving company with years of experience behind us.
  •  Your satisfaction comes first.
  • Our moving specialists can manage any moving task that comes their way. 
  • You can rely on us to take care of your valuables.
  • Your security is our main preoccupation.
  • We will provide you with best possible residential moving services in Michigan.
  • Our logistics team is at your disposal to give you advice or any information that you might need.

You can customize your move

Our customers have the freedom to choose how much they want us to help. You are in charge. Depending on your budget, you can do some of the moving-related tasks yourself. When it comes to packing, you can let us do it, do it yourself, or opt for partial packing, which means that we only pack some of your items - the ones you choose. Normally, those who choose partial packing Service leave the most fragile materials (glass, china, etc.) to the packers. Additionally, you have the option of providing your own packing supplies or using our top-quality supplies which you can purchase at affordable prices. Would you like your local movers to unpack your belongings, too? No problem.



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Nowadays, people tend to spend most of their time at the office. It's become like a second home to many of us. Our Commercial Moving will handle your office relocation quickly, safely, and professionally. We understand that time is money. We will minimize the amount of time spent on the move, thus making sure your business does not suffer.


 Our home is the place where we feel most comfortable. We spend years perfecting it and filling it with memories. Residential Movers value your personal belongings as if they were their own, no matter what they are. We know that sentimental value is often greater than material value, therefore, no item be neglected during the moving process.

Your belongings are protected

Professional movers must have protection. So, we offer compensation for damage. The last thing we want is for your belongings to get damaged. Nevertheless, the possibility of something bad happening exists, even though it is minimal. Apart from being in good hands, your belongings will be protected in case of an accident. If you do the packing and relocation yourself, you are more likely to lose a thing or two due to inexperience.

We're always up to date

To ensure the best experience for our clients, we tend to keep up with the trends in the moving industry. Being ahead of the competition is one of our goals. We try to implement innovative moving techniques as soon as they appear, thus constantly improving our service. Additionally, the staff cannot do a good job without the right equipment, no matter how good they are. The equipment, vehicles, and supplies we use are always in perfect condition.

Planning ahead

Together we make a detailed plan of your move. This is a great way to ensure nothing goes wrong. All activities are scheduled to avoid the chaos that usually comes with moving. It is important that you discuss everything with our representatives before closing the deal, to prevent potential complications. There might be things only you know about your possessions and premises that we would find useful. For example, if something is more fragile than it looks or if some of the steps are wobbly, you should give your moving crew a heads-up.

We provide additional services

Our job is not just transporting your property from one location to another. We can do only that if that's what you want, of course.

However, we also load, unload, pack, unpack, disassemble, reassemble.

Full service moving Company in Grand Rapids

Looking For professional packers and movers in moversMI areas, our West-Michigan has a reputation for quality packing and moving services thought out Michigan. No matter what size home big or small New Neighbors have your belongings are covered ensuring that they arrive in their destination promptly and safely. our packer and movers go room to room packing each item in its proper box and load it into our


Our team is the best in Grand Rapids MI

Our team consists of well-trained professionals who train together and work together. They shadow more experienced workers until they learn the ropes. They always arrive on time and adhere to the moving schedule. Punctuality is a priority for us. Moreover, our movers, packers, and drivers respect your desires and follow your instructions to the very last detail.

West Michigan is our territory

No mover knows a certain area like a local mover. At New Neighbors Moving, our courteous and professional staff live and work in the same Grand Rapids communities that you do, and we truly care about our neighbors!

We know every corner of West Michigan like the back of our hands.

Movers who guarantee the safety of the items they are transporting as well as time-efficiency must know the traffic conditions and what the best routes are.

Years of experience have taught us everything

We have ten years of experience in the moving business. There is nothing we have not done. So, we can assure you that there will be no unpleasant surprises and unpredictable situations. We are ready to overcome any challenge that might emerge. Thanks to this experience, we can do the job much faster.

We take care of your possessions

As a local mover with more than 1,000 successful local moves to our name, we know that every local moving project is different. You have a unique home and belongings that you love, so you want a local moving company from West Michigan that is respectful, capable, and thorough. And that is exactly what you'll get. and insured truck and unloading at its new Home

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