Say Goodbye to Stressful Moves with the "Stress Free Move Kit"

Moving is super stressful. So much to pack. So much to throw away. So much to store. So few materials...With our "Stress Free" Move Kit, we include most of the essentials you'll need go get packed up and moved out. It's a lot more help - and a lot less stress!

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What's in the Stress Free Move Kit?

There's so much more to moving than just picking stuff up and taking them from
one location to the next. There's package, care, materials...and we've got that covered.

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Stop trips to Meijer. First 20 boxes on us.

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Mattress Cover

Receive a free mattress cover to protect your mattress against mildew and grime.

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Tape Roll

Don't get stuck without extra tape.

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Roll of Bubble Wrap

Keep fragile items safe with a complimentary roll of bubble wrap

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Know what goes where with a free sharpie

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Friendly, Professional staff

Flat-rate moves with a friendly, professional staff, dedicated to helping you out!

These are just some of the folks we've helped...


Ready for your Stress Free Move?

With free moving supplies, a free quote, and friendly staff, take a deep breath and
feel the stress start to evaporate...

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